The company has professionals, it provides expert assessment. Assessment rates, cooperation with the institute, which caters to the valuation of buildings, provision of expert opinion.

Itemized budget is one of the most important documents of the building. On its base the construction is being done and invoiced. It serves as a range of construction works, inspection and award of commission by investor, support of the application for a building loan. Part of the budget is also bill of quantities.

Bill of quantities is destinated to perform the calculation amount of specified item, in addition to this amount it gives her code number and description.

We make economic analyzes, assets, liabilities, incomes, expenses and statements of Cash Flows.

We deal with diagnosis of the problem.

We also conduct design and drawing works, authorized persons. Security of project works from initial studies to finished designs.

Our services include survey works(Building Historical survey, Building Technical survey), documentations for building permit, documantations for construction, documentations for planning, contract and tender documentations including designer's control budget, as-built documentations, preparation for task of construction in accordance with the Act. 137/2006 Col. and Reg. 230/2012 Col.